Sacrament Transition

Hello Sacrament Family, Friends, and Partners

The adventure of church-planting is often about change—the kind that is exhilarating and beautiful, and the kind that is treacherous and difficult. We don’t always know what is in store, but we do believe that the Holy Spirit goes ahead of us. 

Yesterday we announced that Sacrament will be moving out of Sparkworks Union in June.

When we first moved into the space last September, we knew that there was always the potential that Sparkworks would find a full-time, long-term tenant and that would mean that we would need to find a new meeting place. Of course, we always hoped that this possibility would be sometime in the distant future.

We only found out about this move a couple of weeks ago, and did not expect such a short turn-around, but we are facing the next steps with great hope and trust.

And there is a lot to be hopeful about! During our time here at Sparkworks, we have made some great friends, one of them being Liza Kawaller, the property manager at Sparkworks. She speaks very highly of our congregation and is helping us find a place that may be an even better fit than our current location! Through Liza’s connections in the event space/real estate world, we have identified 15 potential new homes for our church. We are now in the process of contacting, vetting, and conversing with each of these places. We already have at least one solid option and we have made some great progress in just over one week’s time.

The possibilities have allowed us to dream in some creative ways in the midst of this transition as we look for a place in the urban core of Nashville that will be welcoming and have great kids space in a neighborhood where our church could grow and serve.

 Here’s how you can help:

    1. Pray for Sacrament. Prayer helps to align our priorities with God’s voice. Please pray that we would listen for the voice of the Spirit and sense his desire for our congregation.

    2. Keep your ear to the ground. Do you know of a place? It just might be the place. Let us know! 

    3. If Sacrament is your home, we ask that you would do all of the normal “church member” stuff: attend regularly, tithe, join a volunteer team. This stuff is especially important/valuable in times of transition.

Here is our Transition Schedule:

May 20th- Pentecost Sunday @ Sparkworks. We celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church. Everyone is encouraged to wear red as a reminder of the fire of the Holy Spirit.

May 27th- Trinity Sunday @ Sparkworks with special guest Dr. Chris Green

June 3rd- Second Sunday after Pentecost @ Sparkworks with special guest Pastor Deborah Jackson.

June 10th- Outdoor Gathering @ Sparkworks.

June 17th- First Sunday in a new space TBD

In the scriptural story, God’s people often find themselves in transition: wilderness wanderings, exiles, and missionary movements. It could be said that God works in a special way during these seasons. Let us choose to lean into this and see what He will do.

Grace and Peace,

Preston Sharpe

Lead Pastor


Posted on May 14, 2018 .