I am excited to announce that (God willing), I am being ordained as an Anglican priest on September 6th.

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember, and I have felt called to pastor from a very young age. I have been ordained as a pastor through each local church in which I have served over the past 15+ years.

Raised in a non-denominational Charismatic church, in early adulthood I began to explore with great fascination various Christian traditions outside of my own. While I have always valued the theological traditions in which I was raised: the vibrancy, prayer for healing, and emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit of the Charismatic tradition—as well as the values of the broader Evangelical traditions: Biblical preaching, evangelism, and conversion, I was increasingly compelled by elements less emphasized in my home traditions yet ever-present in the life of the historic Church: the Sacraments, liturgical formation, contemplative prayer, and social justice. These have become crucial to my understanding of the Church.

All of this led me to Anglicanism and specifically to the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.

This journey has not caused me to “let go” of the traditions that nurtured me, and both Anglicanism and the CEEC are well positioned to embrace what we call the “Three Streams”- the Evangelical, Charismatic, and Sacramental (understanding that some of these words carry unintended baggage) expressions of Christianity.   

The road to priesthood has been a three-year process of formation and I have served as a deacon for the past two years. Our church (Sacrament Church in Nashville, TN) has been incredibly gracious through this process—encouraging me, asking lots of questions, and nudging me forward. While I have felt confident in this path the past three years, I have also sensed a loving “green light” from them, which has given me great joy.

I am so privileged to be part of the Diocese of Saint Anthony within the CEEC and I am thankful for the leadership of +Ed Gungor, the Diocesan Bishop of DOSA, +Quintin Moore, Presiding Bishop of the CEEC, and the other bishops who have been a significant part of my formation. I am also thankful for the incredible community that has been formed at DOSA, and am thrilled to be ordained about the same time as both of my parents, Brent and Janis Sharpe, and my dear friends Paul Paino, Jon Paul Robles, and Diana Robles. 

I will be ordained into the Sacred Order of Priests on September 6th at 7pm. Details below.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

Grace and Peace,

Preston Sharpe, OSA

Lead Pastor