Sacrament is a new church planted in Nashville which exists to call people into the beautiful and captivating story of Jesus that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ and join His work in the world of bringing heaven to earth.”

Our dream is to participate in God's work in the world as people who are rooted in the Christian story, relational in our approach to each other, holistic in our view of every part of our lives, and missional in our engagement with our surroundings. 

A "sacrament" is a place where heaven and earth meet. We believe that God has called us as a people to reflect His desire to bring together heaven and earth. Jesus is the ultimate "sacrament" and we are invited to live our lives both as individuals and as a community as sacraments for a broken world. We invite you to join in!

Sacrament describes ourselves as a "Convergent" community, intentionally blending Christian traditions as we seek unity in the body of Christ. If you want to read more about what this means to us, check it out here.